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About enterprise NPP RudMashKonstrukciya, OOO

The Rudmashkonstruktion enterprise is a producer of the crushing and sorting and concentrating equipment. The equipment released by the enterprise is applied in mining, road-building, metallurgical and other industries.

Today the equipment of the Rudmashkonstruktion enterprise is competitive and is successfully operated in the territory of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries.

We offer the following equipment to delivery:

  • qualifiers spiral KSN and KSP;
  • sinks korytny (bladed, shnekovy)
  • feeders are lamellar, vibration, tape;
  • grokhota inertial GIL, GIS, GIT;
  • conveyors are tape;
  • crushers are shchekovy, conical, rotor;
  • crushing and sorting complexes for production of crushed stone;

Besides it is possible to buy high-quality spare parts and accessories to the above-mentioned equipment at the optimum prices from us.

The offered equipment and accessories meet all modern safety requirements, environmental friendliness and has the corresponding certificates and other allowing documentation.


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